The European Network of Training in Aggression [ENTMA08] invite trainers, practitioners from all disciplines, health scientists, educators, researchers, regulators, managers, and policymakers involved in designing, delivering, evaluating, commissioning, regulating, and evaluating training in the management of aggression in all clinical, social service, and educational settings to submit an abstract and/or attend the 5th ENTMA08 symposium entitled “Advances in Training: Evidence and Practice ”  to be held in Krakow on September 19th & 20th 2019.

The venue for the 2019 symposium is the beautiful city centre campus of Jagiellonian University, which is easily accessible from the airport and close to the many hotels and tourist attractions of the charming city of Krakow.

Krakow September 19th & 20th 2019

The 2019 symposium has adopted the key theme of “Advances in Training: Evidence and Practice” and will include sub-themes exploring:

  • Advances in theory and/or practice of ‘de-escalation’
  • Advances in theory and/or practice related to use of ‘restrictive interventions’.
  • Advances in theory and/or practice related to the ‘regulation, standards and quality ‘ of training.
  • Advances in theory and/or practice of integrating:
    –   Trauma informed care into training.
    –   Positive behaviour support into training.
    –   Seclusion and Restraint Reduction into training.
    –   Technologies into training.
    –   Emerging psychological knowledge into training.
    –   Emerging neurobiological knowledge into training.
  • Advances in theory and/or practice of enhancing the safety of restrictive physical interventions into training and/or practice.
  • Advances in theory and/or practice of enhancing the involvement of service users, and their unique perspective into training.
  • Advances in theory and/or practice and/or special challenges relating to specific populations including:
    –  Mental health
    –  Childcare
    –  Adolescent
    –  Forensics
    –  Older persons
    –  Intellectually disability
    –  Acquired/Traumatic brain injury
    –  General hospital
    –  Community care
    –  Emergency departments
    –  Educational settings
  • Other themes which demonstrate novel and/or unique advances in the theory and/or practice related to training.

The symposium provides a unique opportunity to network and establish contacts with a diverse community of international colleagues engaged in similar initiatives reflecting the ENTMA08 ethos of inclusivity of geographical, scientific, ideological, regulatory, practice  and experiential perspectives including those from clinical/service providers and recipients, organizational, educational, research and regulatory practitioners.

In order to maximize the potential of networking opportunities the symposium will host a complementary social event on the evening of September 19th in Krakow city centre.